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  Surroundings and activities

Our guesthouse is located at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park, on the south side of the range, in the Tiétar valley.

The valley faces due south and so in the winter our temperatures are just two degrees different from those of Madrid. In summer, when the heat of the meseta is stifling and keeps one awake at night, we have about 30ºC during the day and at night a light duvet may be wanted.

We are located at an altitude of some 1000m in a setting that is always green, surrounded by pine, chestnut and oak woods.

Cuevas del Valle
Seven minutes' walk away on the Roman road, the local village remains a harmonious ensemble of traditional architecture, and is one of a set of five interesting villages known as las Cinco Villas.

Puerto del Pico Roman road

This Roman road is regarded as one of the best preserved in the world, as it has been in near-constant use since it was built some 2000 years ago. It is still used today in spring and autumn for driving cattle in Avila province between winter and summer pastures. Between Cuevas del Valle and Puerto del Pico the road is continuous and makes a lovely walk. One of the gates of our property is 20 m from the Roman road, leading to the village and the Puerto del Pico pass.

The Spanish chestnut wood of Cuevas del Valle is two minutes' walk from our guesthouse. To the east of the guesthouse, less than 200 m away, are the pinewoods of Monte Torozo and the Roman road of Puerto del Pico, which can be followed for 4.2 km between Cuevas del Valle and Puerto del Pico. There are marked walking routes with various distances, altitudes, biotypes and degrees of difficulty, some suitable for mountain bikes.
Our valley is known as Barranco de las Cinco Villas, and all of its five villages are worth a visit for their rural atmosphere and traditional architecture. Cuevas del Valle is five minutes' walk from the guesthouse, with 18th and 19th century houses that show how homes were built in those days: ground floors of stone with wide gates, long chestnut balconies, and timber frames with brick and lime in upper floors. Mombeltrán (5 km from our centre) is notable for its castle, late Gothic church and medieval hospital.
There are few better areas for mushroom-lovers. Boletes, Caesar's mushrooms, saffron milk caps, chanterelles and morels are just some of the species to be found round here, in both autumn and spring and even in late summer. Cuevas del Valle is home to the mycological society Amagredos, which organises many activities such as mushroom workshops in October and courses with top mycologists.
The remarkable landscapes of our valley can also be enjoyed from a viewpoint on horseback. We offer a wide range of routes, from two-hour rides to full-day riding tours:
Bird-lovers will enjoy a visit to these parts both for the number of birds present in our well-preserved ecosystem and for the variety and rarity of some species, such as the black stork, black-winged kite or black vulture.
From the veranda of our guesthouse, where crag martins and black redstarts make their nests, one can see more than 40 species, such as golden orioles, goshawks, cranes and, naturally, bee-eaters.
Rutas en canoa
Los ríos y pantanos de la vertiente sur de Gredos son el lugar ideal para pasar una jornada divertida navegando en canoa. En especial las tranquilas aguas del pantano de Rosarito, en Candeleda y al pie de la mítica cumbre del Almanzor, serán el escenario de una experiencia inolvidable.

Organic farming
Our guesthouse promotes organic farming. Our vegetable gardens and fruit trees give our guests the chance to appreciate the quality of organic produce, and we explain how it is produced according to the principles of organic farming.
FOTO AMPLIADA Renewable energy
More than 90% of our electricity comes from the sun and wind. We also have heat generated from biomass, and our guesthouse is designed with bioclimatic features, applying various energy-saving and efficiency measures.

Celtic ruins
Avila province was the territory of a Celtic people – the Vettones. Within a 30 km radius of our guesthouse you can visit major pre-Roman archaeological sites such as the forts of Ulaca, at Solosancho, and El Raso, at Candeleda.
Cuevas del Águila
Located 20 km from our rural resort, the Águila caves are a visitor attraction which never disappoints our guests.

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