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  Summer in Southern Gredos – the Tiétar Valley

Our area is attractive in all seasons, but maybe it is in summer that you can most enjoy the nature and leisure options on offer.

To demonstrate this we offer seven good reasons:


Seven good reasons

1. An exceptional climate


In summer, sunshine is all but guaranteed during the day, with temperatures not exceeding 35ºC, and with the shade of chestnut trees and the cool of stream banks on hand when the day is warmest. At night, when on the meseta it can be hard to get to sleep, in our guesthouse one sleeps peacefully with the window shut, and on many nights with a light duvet.

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2. Nature


Our guesthouse is located on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Gredos, 300 m from the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park and in the district of the lower Tiétar, which for nature-lovers means a broad palette of ecosystems with notable variations in flora and fauna: chestnut and oak woods, highland habitats, riverside woods, etc. As regards fauna, the district includes a Special Protection Area (SPA) for birds and a great many mammals (mountain goats, roe deer, martens, etc.) as well as reptiles and amphibians.

3. Water on all sides


The snows of Gredos give rise to a large number of streams, gullies, ravines and rivers in which to feel pure, chilled mountain water on your skin. Thus the rivers Alberche and Tormes both rise near here. In 15 minutes by car you can reach countless natural pools for swimming, and you can also do water sports at the nearby reservoirs of Rosarito and Cazalegas.

Link: Natural pools

4. Facilities and sports


Our property has the following facilities: a swimming pool with a lawn, deckchairs and parasols; a paddle tennis and multi-sports court (beach volleyball, badminton, etc.), and a boules court.
We advise runners and cyclists so as to help them find suitable tracks and routes.
Moreover the five villages in the valley have swimming pools, sports centres, natural pools, children's play areas, etc.

5. Heritage and culture


We are no more than one and a half hours from four World Heritage towns: Avila, Salamanca, Segovia and Toledo, and within a smaller radius one can visit various Celtic forts and castles (Mombeltrán, Barco de Ávila, Arenas de San Pedro, La Adrada, Oropesa, etc.), and countless churches.
Moreover there are many villages well worth a visit (the Cinco Villas, Pedro Bernardo, Guisando, etc.).
Closest is the ancient Roman road of Puerto del Pico, 30 m from our gate, with an uninterrupted 4.5 km of roadway from Cuevas del Valle to the pass.

Link: Roman road

6. Activities – Active tourism


It is impossible to get bored in these parts. As well as dozens of marked walking routes in our valley and in the Arenas and Gredos Norte districts, you can go horse-riding or have fun in zip-line parks.
It's also worth visiting places such as the Gredos Park visitor centres at Guisando and Hoyos del Espino, and the local bee, olive-oil and toy museums, or the Cuevas del Águila caves.
Finally, from early July (in Cuevas del Valle) to early September (in Villarejo), there is a series of local festivities in the various local villages, so there is always somewhere to dance at night or to take part in the living traditions of rural life.

Links: Adventure tourism companies / Hiking

7. Special prices and offers


We offer considerable discounts for stays during the week or for several days, from €65.00 for a double room per night, with VAT, breakfast and use of all facilities included.

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